• Historic day for BridgeWay today!
  • 4 year anniversary of our launch back in 2005...seriously, has it already been 4 years? Wow, the whole time flies when you're having fun deal must be true...who'd a' thunk?
  • We really didn't do anything special to promote the Sunday, but we had our second biggest non-holiday attendance ever with 358 in the house!
  • Hold on BridgeWay big things are coming. At this rate we're going to have to add a worship experience after Easter!
  • Not sure where we'll hold it, but gotta open up some seats at 11:00!
  • Meeting Tuesday with our staff to talk about Easter outreach planning...we're working on three different ideas, all of them are freakin' awesome!
  • Sorry everyone, but one of them is not "Pastor Chuckin" Sounds like a good idea, but seriously do you really think you'll get me into a human cannon? I'd probably get stuck anyway!
  • Great worship set today!
  • Spring of Life is probably my new favorite worship song...and the band took it to a whole new level today on that song.
  • Great to have Theresa DeGrave sitting in with us for worship this morning.
  • The closing song that Chuck sang was one of his original songs. Based off of the very passage that I preached on today. He wrote it 2 years ago, and it was a perfect close to the worship experiences today.
  • Enjoyed preaching to the ladies today. Talked about What Women Want...can you say intimidating? Preached out of Luke 10, and the story of Mary and Martha...Martha usually gets a bad rap from preachers on this one, but anyone else ever notice that it was her that opened her home to Jesus? I'm just saying.
  • Talking to men next week as we finish our Identity Theft series. Torn between two messages...one called "Run Away" and the other one called "The Other Thing Men Think About"...one's about fleeing sin, and the other is about legacy...have to come next week to see which it is!
  • Can't tell you all how pumped I am to see what God does between now and the launch of our Pekin Campus in September...that's 7 months away still...we could be seeing over 400 in worship weekly before we launch our next campus...yikes!
  • Also getting pumped for our next series "Mythbusters...Uncovering the truth behind spiritual misperceptions" It's going to be a blast!
  • Hope to see you all next week...and hope that you bring someone with you!
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