This Easter, God will prompt thousands of people in the United States, and millions around the world, to visit a church for the first time. Not only does this happen on Easter, but it happens every week of the year. God is consistently reaching out to people. Are we doing all we can to participate in helping them get connected? What is your church’s plan to ensure that first time guests are connected quickly to the life of your church? What is your plan to turn 1st time guests into 2nd time guest? How about to turn 2nd time guests into regular attendees? Over the next few days I'll be sharing 4 questions I think every church should answer about guest follow up.

1. What is the first impression people have when they attend your church?

Is it clean, friendly, and free of funky smells? Do we have clear signage that points people to: restrooms, worship areas, and children's areas? How do we treat guests? Are they welcomed by greeters, or do our greeters talk only to each other? Do we even have greeters? Do we evaluate this every week? One way to do this is to use an online survey that volunteer leaders & staff complete by Tuesday morning of each week and is reviewed during your staff meeting.

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