All week I'll be posting insights from our Annual Year End Survey which we completed a few weeks ago. We use the information we collect through this survey to inform many of the decisions that we make over the course of the next year.

One of the questions that we ask every year on this survey is "How did you hear about BridgeWay?" Here's the breakdown from this year's survey:

58% A Friend invited me
20% A Family member invited me
12% A Direct mail invitation
4% A Phone call
3% The website/internet search engine
1% Newspaper
2% Other

Over the next year, we will continue to create environments and worship experiences that are safe and meaningful places for you to invite your friends and family to experience with you. We will continue to equip you with Invite Cards for key series, and events.

Beyond that with the launch of our Pekin Campus later this year, we will use this information to help us determine the best most effective use of our marketing dollars...thanks so much for your help with this very important work.

In case you ever had a doubt, the most effective way to help someone find their way back to God is through personal invitation. Who in your circle of influence might be able to find their way back to God through your personal invitation? What's keeping you from extending that invitation this week? Why not extend that invitation and see what God does with it?
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