I'm always interested to discover exactly which of our message series are effective at helping people to grow spiritually. While I believe that all of our message series are helpful on some level, some series obviously connect on a deeper level. Here are the results from this past year of messages at BridgeWay:

A U2 Christmas...When Love Comes to Town: 15
Elephant in the Church: 15
Q&A: 10
Soul Cravings: 9
Get Smart: 7
Entourage: 6
God at the Movies: 5
The Real Jesus: 3
Advance: 3
All: 3
Old School: 1

Some interesting insight on these results:
  • I'm not surprised to see our most recent series "A U2 Christmas" at the top of the list, as many people have started attending during this series.
  • I'm also not surprised to see several of the last few series we've done, "Elephant in the Church" and "Soul Cravings" near the top of the list. They are fresh in people's memories, and were truly helpful.
  • The continued interest in our annual "Q & A" series seems to be strong. Because of this, it is likely that we will do a similar series again this year. Always one of the highlights of my teaching year. Look for us to be asking for your questions sometime after Easter.
  • While it was only 2 weeks long, our "Entourage" series that we did just before Easter seems to have been one that stood the test of time in people's minds and lives. That series was all about knowing who you're influencing and who's influencing you.
  • The "Get Smart" series we did this summer was a study through the book of Proverbs, and seemed to have a strong impact. I've been thinking about doing a similar study through the book of James this summer sometime. Thoughts?
  • Our best attended series for new attenders last year was our "God at the Movies" series. While it didn't have the staying power of some of our other series, I'm still thinking about doing another installment sometime this year. Let me know what you think!
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