• Another Sunday at BridgeWay with over 2 inches of snow on the ground...like I said a couple weeks ago, "does it only snow on Sundays and Saturday nights?"
  • Even with the snow and cold, we still had another good crowd today with several first time and return guests.
  • Made a pretty big announcement today that Matt Robinson will be taking the lead at our Pekin Campus this fall.
  • Also announced that the Pekin Campus will launch in September of this year.
  • Turned over the service run-through to Greg Scott today. This will make a big difference in the long run.
  • I taught on being Rich Toward God today. The concept of managing our finances in the light of eternity.
  • Enjoyed sharing my personal list of rich people problems from the past week.
  • Great to have Tom back helping run sound today...hope he continues to be involved.
  • Really enjoyed having my buddy Donnie from Trinity Family Church in Kansas with us today for both services. He brought his buddy Mike Palmer with him.
  • Donnie & Mike drove up from St. Louis this morning...3 hours through the snow, wins the prize for longest distance traveled to church today.
  • Donnie pastors a great church that he planted about 3 years ago.
  • Great to hang out with some good friends tonight...playing a little Guitar Hero now...yes pastors play Guitar Hero.
  • Had the chance to see the material that Connie has been writing for Treasure Quest today...really good...she could sell this stuff...our church is fortunate to have her on staff.
  • I love that our kids are learning the same stuff that I am teaching on Sunday mornings to their parents.
  • Really strange to have no football to watch on Sunday afternoon today...not sure what I'm doing for the Superbowl next week yet....how about you?
  • Starting a brand new series next Sunday called, "Identity Theft"...I'll be talking directly to women next Sunday...be sure you bring every woman you know!
  • See you next Sunday.
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