This past Sunday I had the chance to talk about the need to "create financial margin" in our lives. Here are some great online sites designed to help you do just that:

Dave Ramsey
Even more helpful than Dave's website is his Financial Peace University Workshop. While I don't agree with Dave's math (paying lowest balance first, versus paying highest interest first) in his debt snowball solution; I do have huge respect for how effective his system is at helping people live debt free.

Crown Financial Ministries
Originally founded by Larry Burkett, this is the first budgeting tool that Steph and I had ever used. It's still our favorite.

Joseph Sangl
I recently learned about Joe through Newspring Church's website. Joe is their financial counseling pastor, and has written a great little book called, "I Was Broke and Now I'm Not". His "Next Steps" site is full of great free tools to help you get started in creating financial margin in your life.

While there are tons of other great sites out there, these are three of my personal favorite.
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