• I'm more convinced than ever that an evening of worship to focus on Christ is the best way to launch your Christmas celebration.
  • We had two great Christmas Eve worship experiences.
  • The first one at 4pm was jam packed...maybe 8 seats out of 150 open...packed house.
  • The second one was well attended, but probably had about 30 open seats.
  • Both gatherings were fantastic.
  • I absolutely loved opening up with Chuck's song "I am Yours"...great lyric for Christmas..."as I sit at your feet, slow down this world all around me." Most of us could definitely benefit from taking time to sit at Jesus' feet and slow down from all the business of preparations.
  • I really encouraged people to slow down from preparations and to focus on Jesus' presence.
  • The crowd at 5:30 really sang out on How Great Thou Art...man that sounded great.
  • I also really enjoyed celebrating communion together.
  • I'm convinced that any celebration of the Incarnation of Christ, that doesn't connect to the Atonement of Christ is an empty fancied up fraud.
  • Jesus was not the reason for the season, you and I are the reason for the season. If it were not for our deep need for forgiveness and salvation...Christ would have never come in the first place.
  • Don't miss out on that truth.
  • We closed our worship by singing Silent Night and candle lighting. Love the picture of passing the light of Christ from one person to the next...always amazed at how quickly that light moves.
  • Can't wait to get to worship with you all on Sunday!
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