This morning Matt preached a message for the New Year all about Setting Goals. It was really tough for me to not preach at BridgeWay, especially given that it was a topic that I am extremely passionate about. Here is my personal list of Life Goals. I feel a little nervous putting them out here for everyone to see, but my hope is that by looking at my list you might be inspired to develop your own.

  • Celebrate my 50th Wedding Anniversary with Steph
  • Remain faithful to my wedding vows to Steph
  • Begin monthly discipleship times with my daughters
  • Develop a daily prayer time with Steph
  • Take a 3 month sabbatical
  • Take each of my children on a missions trip
  • Take our entire family on a missions trip
  • Live to meet my great-grandchildren
  • Live 100% debt free by 55 years old
  • Give away 50% of our income annually by 60 years old

  • Celebrate an anniversary in Hawaii
  • Celebrate an anniversary in Europe
  • Visit every major league baseball park
  • Visit Cooperstown
  • Take my grandfather to a Detroit Tigers baseball game annually
  • Take a vacation to Israel
  • Take a vacation to Greece
  • Take a family vacation to Washington, DC
  • Take a family vacation to Yellowstone
  • Take a family vacation to Disney World

  • Run a half marathon
  • Lose 60 pounds
  • Bike a century
  • Hike a rim to rim in the Grand Cannon with one of my children

  • Attend a World Series Game
  • Complete my MDiv Degree at NTS
  • Complete a PhD in leadership
  • Go skydiving
  • Go cliff jumping
  • Bike the Katy Trail with Steph or one of my children
  • Kiss Steph on top of the Empire States Building
  • Take Helena to a Broadway play
  • Take a cross country motorcycle trek with Steph
  • Take an international missions trip
  • Take a hot air balloon ride with Steph
  • Keep a personal prayer journal
  • Take an annual personal prayer & vision retreat

  • Create a church planting network
  • Lead BridgeWay to over 2,000 in attendance
  • Lead BridgeWay to create a worship experience for people dealing with addiction.
  • Lead BridgeWay to plant its first daughter church
  • Lead BridgeWay to plant multiple churches in one year
  • Lead BridgeWay to launch a second worship site
  • Write a book
  • Speak at a church leadership conference
  • Personally lead over 500 people to Christ before I die
  • Teach a college class
  • Develop a church planting internship program
  • Develop an annual coaching network for pastors

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