• Great Sunday! Some really exciting things happening in the area of Volunteer Ministries and our Advance series.
  • Today was our Volunteer Expo. Following both worship experiences we had our ministry center set up for people to meet with ministry team directors and talk about getting involved.
  • Matt said that we had between 20-30 people who were not already volunteering regularly express interest in joining a volunteer team! Awesome! Very proud of you guys!
  • I really do believe that God did not design his church to have grandstands, only a playing field.
  • Speaking of grandstands...what happened to the Bears today...it's like they forget to step on the playing field.
  • People really seemed to be excited about how they could get involved in advancing the mission and vision that God has given our church.
  • Also, gave people permission today to say, "this probably is not the church for me." I'm serious when I say, "If this is not the church for you, I want to help you find the right one."
  • Saw some really exciting things today at BridgeWay...including: Our friends the Terrell's and Lewis' at church, Chris Sies' friend Tom who runs a sound company who helped run sound today, and a young man who has been making major growth over the last few weeks expressing his worship to God...awesome sights.
  • Pretty excited to hear all the stories from our 2nd Bless Back Project! Don't miss next Sunday to hear some great stories of how God used this project.
  • If you're unfamiliar with our Bless Back Project it's based on Genesis 12 where God says to Abram, "I will bless you and you will be a blessing." We did this last year and wanted to remind our church of this principle. So we took the equivalent to our first weeks offering and disbursed it to our congregation in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50. They were challenged to: Pray about who God wanted them to bless this week. Find a way to bless them (either using the money or adding to it), then to share the story with us by e-mail. You do not want to miss next Sunday!
  • Also next Sunday we will be asking people to make a financial commitment to our Advance 2009 Vision Initiative. Our goal is to raise commitments of $30,000...please be praying about how God would have you to be involved.
  • Pretty excited to be meeting with several of our ministry leaders this week to talk about our Prayer Strategy for 2009, our Campus Development Strategy, and our Worship Band Development Structure....going to be a great week.
  • Going to be traveling to Valporazo Church of the Nazarene with Matt, Chuck, Kevin, and Scott this week to talk about multi-site. Valpo has been doing multi-site for awhile and we're hoping to learn a lot.
  • We'll also be taking in the Catalyst One Day event at Granger Community Church, and crashing at my parents place in Michigan (we're still technically a church plant...gotta save money anyway we can)!
  • I love pastoring BridgeWay...wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
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