• Wow, that was one extremely full week!
  • Monday, our staff flew out of Bloomington at 5am to head to Atlanta for the Multi-Site Practicum at Mountain Lake Church.
  • By the end of the day Monday we had a clear understanding of where we stood in our journey towards becoming ONE CHURCH, WITH MULTIPLE LOCATIONS.
  • Tuesday, we spent the day with Dave Ferguson and his crew from Community Christian Church refining our action steps for launching our next campus sometime in 2009. By the end of the day we had clear action steps that will guide our timeline towards launch.
  • Also on Tuesday we were able to catch an early flight back to Bloomington, so I was able to surprise Helena at her basketball game in Washington! The look on her face when I walked in was awesome...I love surprising my kids!
  • Wednesday, was spent creating our website for our multi-site initiative. We filmed about 30 minutes of Q&A videos to answer people's questions about multi-site, and finished the design work on the website...by the end of the day...advance2009.com was live!
  • Thursday, our staff spent the day with about 100 pastors from across central Illinois at Riverside Church in Peoria for their Related Leaders event with Scott Hodge from Orchard Valley Community Church. It was a great day, and I finally had the chance to meet some of the staff from Elevate Church here in Morton...spent the rest of the day meeting with people from BridgeWay....great day!
  • Friday, we spent the day finalizing all the media, staging, and the message for Saturday's UNiTE event and Sunday's Worship Experiences...met with my friend Rick DeGrave (who did a great job leading small group for me last week) and then Friday night I got to watch this movie with my family in the Schaeffer family theater (aka basement).
  • Saturday, I must have reworked my message for Sunday about 3 times Saturday...finally I realized...sometimes you just gotta' preach whatcha' got.
  • Our UNiTE event with our volunteers was amazing Saturday night. We had about 70 volunteers come out for a killer 70's potluck and karaoke night...that's right potluck and 70's karaoke! Watching Adam Lagacy singing "I'm So Excited" was one of the best things I've seen in months...the Robbins' family had the best group costumes and Marla Hood was right there with the best individual costume. The Children's Ministry Team won again for there performance of "I Will Survive"...and if you get a chance ask my wife about the video footage she has of Dave Gamma performing to YMCA.
  • Okay...so on to today at BridgeWay.
  • Historic day for our church!
  • Today we announced that we are going to launch a second campus of BridgeWay Community Church in Pekin sometime in 2009!
  • Great spirit in worship...the band was awesome and really drew us into God's presence, and prepared us to go out to shine the light of Christ in Tazewell County.
  • The worship set was great: Come and Listen, God of This City, The Time Has Come, Let God Arise, and We Shine!
  • Another great crowd with 311 in worship...not the band, but the attendance.
  • The set design that James Flannigan, Sam Dever, Matt Robinson, and Kevin Grose put together for this morning was awesome! Great city scape and lighting!
  • Very happy to have our friends Shelly and Leah in worship with us this morning...great lunch with Leah and her son Levi at Steak and Shake this afternoon...very fun people!
  • Shelly Williams cracked me up after worship when she told me that her family had researched our staff's trip and figured out what the big announcement was before we made it...we've got some creative people at BridgeWay! Love you guys!
  • Mad props to our staff today...it's been a crazy week, but it was a good crazy...thanks for all you do to help lead our church!
  • Just a reminder if you're interested in joining the prayer team or launch team for the Pekin campus...don't miss BridgeWay next Sunday!
  • Also, don't forget the Volunteer Expo after both worship experiences next week...if you attend BridgeWay and are not currently volunteering anyway...would you pray about how God would have you to get involved?
  • And last...would you begin praying about how God would have you give to make the Pekin campus a reality...we'll be celebrating on November 23rd with a commitment offering...let's blow this $30,000 figure out of the water and do this thing right!
  • Love you all...can't wait to see you again this next Sunday!
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