Hybles is always awesome. He has a passion for leadership that is infectious. His presentation was one of the high points of the day and was based on his new book Axiom.
A Framework for Decision Making
Hybles suggested four critical questions for decision making and then proceeded to suggest that often God would give leaders "Leadership Axioms" which sum up the answer to all four of these questions in easy to remember proverbs. Here are his four questions for decision making, and several of his leadership axioms.
Question 1: What does the Bible say about this decision?
  • God's Word takes priority and is the trump card in our decision making.
Question 2: What would smart advisers do?
  • Often advisers will give mixed advice. Some will suggest one thing, while others suggest another. Hybles suggested you need both types of input to make a good decision.
Question 3: What have you learned from the pain, gain, and experience of past decisions?
  • Hybles encouraged journaling as a way to record the pains and gains of past decisions. I loved this section. I've been journaling in my Moleskine for a couple years now and find it to be incredibly helpful.
Question 4: What is the Holy Spirit prompting me to do?
  • Hybles referred to Romans 8:6 and suggested that when I'm in step with God's Spirit I will have peace about the decision.
Leadership Axioms
  • These are condensed bits of wisdom that guide leaders over and over again. Below are several samples.
Lincoln's Axiom
  • "The best way to deal with someone who has wronged me is to make them my friend."
Bob Galvin
  • "Create motion for motion sake."
Colin Powell
  • "Check your ego at the door."
  • "Promote a clash of ideas."
  • "Reward your best performers, and get rid of the non-performers."
Hybles' Axioms
  • "Vision Leaks"
  • "Get the Right People around the Table"
  • "Facts are Your Friends"
  • "Leaders Call Fouls"
  • "When Something Feels Funky - Engage"
  • "Take a Flyer"
  • "This is Church"
Some BridgeWay Axioms
Hybles encouraged us to list our own leadership axioms. Here are a couple that I use regularly. Man there are a lot more of them. Maybe I'll do a separate post later.
  • "Focus on people, not property"
  • "Growing means going"
* Bought the book...pretty awesome session.
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