Gary Haugen, who is the president of International Justice Mission was the presenter for session two of the Leadership Summit. Haugen not only revealed many atrocities that are taking place around the world, but also demonstrated how local churches could lead their congregations to engage in piercing the darkness. Here are my notes as well as some reflections from his session.

Leadership that Matters

1. Leadership that Matters means leadership in the arenas that matter to God.

  • Question:

Are Jesus and I really interested in the same things?

God's Passion is Twofold

  1. God is passionate about the world.
  2. God is passionate about justice.

Why People Doubt that God is Good

  • People doubt that God is good because of the pain in their lives. Several examples were listed such as hunger, lack of medical care, but his focus was on injustice.

If you want your leadership to matter, lead in the things that matter to God.

This means several things:

1. It means leading when it seems HOPELESS.

  • John 6 (feeding of the 5,000)
  • Jesus didn't ask for what was needed, he asked for what they had!
  • "I want to be liberated from the mediocrity of safe bets" (this was one of my favorite quotes of the day)

2. It means leading when the task is SCARY

  • Jesus didn't come to make us safe, he came to make us brave!
  • He told an awesome story of staying at the Visitor Center while his family climbed Mt. Rainer.

3. It means making the more DEMANDING climb

  • Jesus says, "Follow me beyond what is risked by the crowd.
  • Take your strength and abilities on the more demanding climb.

How do I lead others on this journey?

  1. Choose not to be safe.
  2. Seek Deep Spiritual Health.
  3. Choose Excellence.
  4. Seize the Joy

* The first thing to go when my spirit is sick is laughter and joy.

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