Happy Father's Day!

Here are my Father's Day thoughts:
  • First of all...huge Father's Day shout out to my dad Larry Schaeffer. No one has been a greater influence on my faith than him. I've seen my dad go through both good and bad times and display a powerful faith in God through both of them. I learned the importance of being a man of the Word and a man of his word from my dad....I wish he and my mom lived closer, but that's just one of the challenges of following God's call on your life. Happy Father's Day dad!

  • My girls (all three of the little ones and the taller good looking one I'm married to) bought me a GPS for Father's Day/Steph and my anniversary! I've been wanting one for a while, and can't wait until our vacation in August to really put it to the test!

  • Hung out this afternoon with my girls and played Scrabble (one of my favorite games)! Mia won last time, Steph won today, but I seriously think she cheated...doesn't she know it's Father's Day?

  • Went to dinner tonight at Alexander's in Peoria with Steph for our anniversary! I love that place! Had a fantastic Rib Eye and sauteed mushrooms...butta' baby just like butta'...

  • A funny thing happened when we got home from church today. Steph and I decided to rest for a little bit and let the girls go out and play for few minutes before their nap. About 2 minutes after going outside, the girls all come running back in the house screaming. What were they screaming about? "Daddy, there's a dead chipmunk in the pool!" That's right...Alvin drown in our kiddie pool while we were gone at church...funny and sad all at once.

RIP Alvin...RIP

  • Week 2 of ONE PRAYER was great today! Craig's message "Lord make us ONE" was great and people seemed to really connect with the message even though it was on video.
  • Sorry about the brief video skipage in the 9:30 service...the disc had a very small scratch on it that we hadn't noticed...we played the back up disc in the 11:00 and it went off without a hitch.
  • It was cool to hear people laughing at all the right places and even responding to the speaker verbally even though it was on video...as strange as it seems at first to watch a message on video, it still amazes me how easily we adapt to it.
  • Well, we did it...the Schaeffer family made it through one whole week with NO TV, NO MOVIES, AND NO RECREATIONAL INTERNET USAGE! It was great for us! We played more together than we do most weeks and laughed together more than we had in months...I think we'll be doing it every Tuesday at least through the summer!
  • My kids are really getting excited about the ONE PRAYER offering coming up on June 29th! They've got their piggy banks almost filled and are constantly asking for money to put in the banks so they can help start new churches and feed kids in need! I love teaching my kids about stewardship and giving to others! I want to raise generous children, who become generous adults!
  • Mad props to the 13 people who volunteered as a part of BridgeWay impact! this past Saturday! One lady, Pat even came out to BridgeWay for the 9:30 service to say thank you to the church and the team that helped her on Saturday!
  • Getting ready to break our media fast by watching Evan Almighty with the family!

Have a great week BridgeWay!

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