Now that's what I call an action packed day! Here's how my day went today:

5:00 a.m. ~ Get up with the family and get ready for church
6:30 a.m. ~ Pick up Helena's friend Ashley from her house to go to church
7:00 a.m. ~ Arrive at BridgeWay for Set-Up
8:00 a.m. ~ Finish last touches on a wedding ceremony for this afternoon
9:30 a.m. ~ 1st Worship Service
11:00 a.m. ~ 2nd Worship Service
12:30 p.m. ~ Run home to change for wedding
2:00 p.m. ~ Wedding in Pekin
3:00 p.m. ~ Chiefs game in Peoria
6:00 p.m. ~ Pick up altar for prayer room
6:30 p.m. ~ Get keys to office from Tremont
7:00 p.m. ~ Post Sunday Reflections
9:00 p.m. ~ Go to Bed (seriously...I've got to be in the office at 6am tomorrow)

That's one packed out day!

Here's some thoughts on the day:
  • Great start to ONE PRAYER!
  • Loved preaching the message Lord Make Us COURAGEOUS!
  • Both services were really great!
  • 7 people accepted Christ in the 11:00 service!
  • I still forgot to have them pick up the "Next Steps" packets (I'm an idiot)
  • I am starting to really feel like I preach better at 11 than I do at 9:30.
  • Great crowd today...11 was especially full...Right at 280 in worship! Last year we were only 160 on the same weekend...God is definitely on the move!
  • Had a blast conduction a wedding ceremony for our good friends and former neighbors, Kent and Kate! Congratulations guys!
  • Had a great time at the Peoria Chiefs game with my buddy Jeff Dill...really fun game...really hot sun!
  • That's it...can't wait to see what God does through ONE PRAYER and through our church!
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2 Response to 'Sunday Night Reflections'

  1. Midwest Redsox Fan'> 20:52

    way to go moron!!! good thing i didn't remind you 8 times!!!


  2. Dale'> 05:48

    Like I said in my sermon...ordinary, unschooled, idiots...yup I think I fit that category!


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