Okay so this is going to be fairly short, I'm sleepy...
  • I'm sad to see our last series "Old School" come to an end. I think several people got some tools for developing spiritual disciplines in their life.
  • A big shout out to the band for all of their hard work in this last series. It took many hours of extra practice each week to pull off all the 80's music we did in this series. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it also really added to the series. Mad props to you all!
  • Next week we'll be kicking off a new series called Entourage. You will definitely not want to miss it!
  • I preached this morning on worship and God's time and purpose for your life. Next weeks series will focus on how you live out your time & purpose to have a significant impact on your circle of influence.
  • I definitely went "old school preacher" again this week.
  • Thanks to Adam Lagacy for volunteering to be the "a little past hip" guy this morning!
  • Thanks to Braxton (not sure I spelled that right) for having the guts to come up front on her first Sunday and help me out!
  • Another good crowd to day...I think we were around 210 or so in attendance...and that's with a lot of regular attenders gone.
  • We'll be having two services on Easter...9am and 11am with an outrageous Easter egg hunt in between at Yordy's Turkey Farm...start praying about who you can invite now!
  • Spring Training baseball started this past week....I'm loving being able to listen to baseball again! Can't wait for opening day!

Good night all!

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