I've really enjoyed reading through John over the last 4 weeks. One thing that has really been great is the accountability that posting a daily blog about my reading provided. So I'm going to be reading through the book of Acts over the next 5 weeks and thought I'd share my reflections here...feel free to join me and to share your own thoughts. Here's some of what's rattlin' around in between my ears after reading Acts 1:
  • I love the book of Acts. It is the history of the early church, and it is the inspiration for the way we try to do church at BridgeWay.
  • I'm reminded of Craig Groeschel's words at Acts 2 a couple years ago, "What if what happened in here (referring to the book of Acts), could happen out here (referring to the church today)."
  • I'm convinced that the reason the early church was used the way it was by God was the power of God's Spirit at work through the people of the church. (see vs. 4&8)
  • I'm not real comfortable with the whole casting lots thing in verses 23-26.
  • I am very comfortable with praying that God would make his mind and will clear to us, and that we should pray, read Scripture and wait to discern what God is calling us to do.
  • Then once we have hear from God, we should act and act quickly.
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