Great post by Seth Godin today! Check it out here!

Way to many churches just don't get this...they are still living in the 80's and 90's where productivity was king and personalization was ignored...churches have to find ways to show people they care about them and want to take an interest in them.

One way we do this at BridgeWay is in our follow up process. About 4 months ago we scrapped our entire process. Scrapped the follow-up form letter. Scrapped the electronic signature. Scrapped the whole deal.

What are we doing now? Hand written. Personalized. Note cards. We want people to know they are more than just a name and address in a data base...they are a person who matters to God and who matters to us.
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  1. Donnie Miller'> 12:57

    What a timely post, (for me at least) because I was planning on having you email me this process this week. Could you please do that sometime soon?



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