Three years ago, when we launched BridgeWay, it was our desire to create a church who's driving focus would be to serve people who don't go to church. I can't tell you how many times over the last three years I've told people that was our focus and had people look at me like..."why would you want to do that"...or..."that's got to be the craziest/stupidest thing I've ever heard". Well after this past Sunday, I'd say we are achieving our goal!

I spent today with a handful of other people from BridgeWay writing thank you cards to everyone who checked BridgeWay out for the first time this past Sunday. In the process of that we had a chance to go over the two big questions we asked people on our registration & communication cards:

1. Which worship experience are you attending next week?
2. Do you attend church somewhere 2 or more times per month.

The answer to #1 was a pretty even 55% to 45% split between our 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. worship experiences.

The answer to #2 was eye opening to say the least! Going into Easter, we felt that if 50% or more of our first time guests didn't regularly go to any church, that we would have been successful in reaching our goal of drawing primarily people who don't currently go to church. But the numbers were quite honestly, astounding!

After removing regular attenders and out of town guests we were able to determine that out of 197 first time guests 167 of them were not currently attending any church in our area! That's 85% of our Easter guests who do not regularly attend church...that's why we exist...that's what we're about...that's something to celebrate!

Just one more reason I love our church!
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