Ever wonder how many little kids it would take to take you down?

Wonder no more!

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2 Response to 'I Could Take 30 Five Year Olds in a Fight!'

  1. Midwest Redsox Fan
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2008/03/i-could-take-30-five-year-olds-in-fight.html?showComment=1206589440000#c8446267054467649805'> 22:44

    dude i could only take out 23 5yr olds! thats bogus i know i could kick more little kid butt then you!


  2. Dale
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2008/03/i-could-take-30-five-year-olds-in-fight.html?showComment=1206630120000#c6337511746391264010'> 10:02

    I fight dirty!


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