Really exciting day at BridgeWay today...we added a new service today, continued our Breakaway series, and had a ton of people return from our Easter services last weekend! Here's some of what I'm thinking tonight:
  • I was really encouraged to see all the new faces today in worship! I talked to a lot of people who said they were here last week, and couldn't wait to get back this morning!
  • So many people were impacted by last week's message...I think a lot of people really resonated with today's message as well...I've already received several e-mails from people who were responding to today's services!
  • I got a lot of great feedback about the appraisal illustration and the phone call illustration...listen to the audio on our website to hear what I mean.
  • Kevin Grose is an amazing guitarist...seriously...that guys fingers move faster than a White Castle Slider.
  • If you're new to BridgeWay, be sure to plan on coming to the BridgeWay Connect Class next Sunday after the 11am service.
  • Baseball starts tomorrow...tonight's game and the two in Japan don't count...I'll be at BWW in East Peoria tomorrow from 1:00 - 4:00 watching baseball and hanging out with some friends...feel free to stop in if you're not busy!
  • Glad to see Kansas make the Final 4...sad to see Davidson they played tough!
  • I'm going to bed...goodnight all!
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    my names dale and i post everything other week! i keep my blog well updated!


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