The thing that really hit me today as I read through John 6 was that there are two groups of people who are following Jesus. I'd break them down like this:

Group #1: People who follow Jesus because they want to see their needs met.
(see verses 26 & 66)

Group #2: People who follow Jesus becuase they know he is the only source of real life.
(see verses 37, 45, and 68-69)

It also seems to be the case that Jesus already knows which group we fall into...the self-centered group or the Christ-centered group.

God help me to keep my eyes focused on Jesus, and not just the things that I think he can do for me.
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4 Response to 'John 6 Reflections'

  1. Rick'> 17:23

    I thought as I read today's chapter that Jesus had to use tremendous patience with the people. Four times in verses 26, 32, 47 and 53 he uses the phrase "I tell you the truth" like he felt the need to continually remind them that he was Truth. Actually he uses that phrase 24 times throughout the book of John.
    He also wanted to force the issue of his focus on us in that he uses the phrase "I will raise him or them up at the last day" four times as well (verses 39,40,44and 54). It became a recurring theme of why he came and he gave instructions before each of the four times, what was needed to be lifted up with him at the last day.


  2. Greg'> 19:31

    2 things stand out to me in this chapter. Verse 27 indicates to me that my relationship with Christ is a work in progress. It’s comforting to have confirmation of this considering the days that I am less likely to reflect Christ.

    Verse 44 & 45 are confirmation for me that I have always felt Gods presence in my life even before I began a relationship with Christ. Plus it’s more evidence for me, that my beginning a relationship with Jesus was inevitable, it was just a question of when.


  3. Chris'> 23:10

    I had several things pop out at me today.
    V21 I notice as soon as Jesus got into the boat they were at their destination. I thought it interesting to find they couldnt get there on their own and it wasnt till Jesus steped abord that they made it to where HE wanted to be.
    V37-40 I took conforrt to realize in this pasage the Jesus will not let go of that which god has put in his hands.... Just as i give my Daughter resposibilitys.. God gave his son resposibilitys as well and that was us. Love it...

    V44 and 65 God gave us the ability and the push to draw close to His son...

    V66 I discovered in this passage a hurtful truth that some, when even in the presence of Jesus, will walk away....

    (From V21)
    I pray lord that you will give me the understanding and patience to realize as long as I am with you I will always be at my destination....


  4. Scot'> 15:04

    I found it interesting that Jesus blessed the food then distributed it to his disciples, and immediately put his disciples in leadership roles. 1st to make the no doubt chaotic multitude sit down, 2nd to distribute the food to the hungry people (symbolic of their future roles' to preach the gospel.)Also Jesus immediately fled the scene, after all were stuffed with the original meager amount of food, because he knew the multitude wanted to make him a king. He could have easily been their king and soaked up all the glory for the miracle. Also everyone wanted an explanation for Jesus' arrival at the other side of the sea, Jesus could have easily said Yeah I walked on the rough water you should have seen me it was great. But Jesus knew that he pointed to his Father God, and Jesus as the son of man was not to receive the glory but God was. He also knew and remained focused on lost souls being save. For Jesus knew this is what was most important.

    I pray Lord Jesus that I always seek your will and point others toward You and give God all the glory.


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