This is the last chapter I'll be commenting on until Monday. I'll be reading in Psalm 119 on Saturday and Sunday, as I get ready for Sunday's message. Here are my thoughts on John 5:
  • vs. 5: This man had been waiting to be healed for 38 years. How many years have the people in my life been waiting to have an encounter with Jesus? How can I help them have that encounter?
  • vs. 6: "Do you want to get well?" This seems like a silly question for Jesus to ask. But when someone has been in the same state for 38 years, it's a fair question to ask. In my own life, there are some behaviors and attitudes that have been a part of my life for way too many years. I think a fair question for God to ask me is, "do you want to get well?" If I really do, there are some things that will need to change.
  • vs. 19: I love Jesus words here. "I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself." I realize that I can do nothing of benefit or value to others by myself. I really only become effective as I do what I see God already doing, and join him.
  • vs. 30: This was a punch to the gut. "For I seek not to please myself but to please him who sent me." Who do I really seek to please? If someone else looked at my life, who would they say I'm living to please? Not sure I'd always like the answer to that question.
  • vs. 41: Jesus' words here are again pretty enlightening. "I know you. I know you do not have the love for God in your hearts." Okay, so Jesus really does know my heart. He knows what motivates me. He knows the real state of my life. Convicting stuff.

Your thoughts?

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5 Response to 'John 5 Reflections'

  1. Chris'> 17:21

    I was thinking the same thing when Jesus asked do you want to get well. But again fair question. The man's "sickness" here is deffinatly symbolic. Jesus had mad mention elswhere that it is not the healthy that need a doctor but the sick.... However I know a lot of people who when sick never go see a doctor. I esspicially liked the way Jesus told him to "Get up, take your mat, and walk...."Here's a guy who is been sitting here for who knows how long and Jesus felt it nessasary to not just heal him but command him to take his mat with him..... not sure where that leads yet still want to ponder it... Very interesting though i think.....


  2. Greg'> 18:24

    What stood out for me the entire day were verses 36- 40. To me what a defining moment in time as he explains “these are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” How profound is that??? All this testimony and to top that he standing there face to face in real time. Makes me feel very fortunate and blessed to have the love of God in my heart.


  3. jason'> 21:11

    Caught your site off of ragamuffinsoul. I like the live feed idea!

    Stop on by my site if you ever have some time to waste!

    Take care!



  4. Scot'> 15:21

    vs 6 -9 I think shamefully, how many problem areas in my life I need to change, and how many excuses I create to not make these changes. Usually, the excuses start: "But God I don't have or how can I without.." I forget it is not about what I want, but it's about what God wants for me and through me. And if I could truly trust in God and obey, He will do the rest effortlessly. God doesn't need me I need him always in my life. Amen


  5. Dale'> 16:48

    Scott, thanks for joining the conversation...I'm looking forward to your continued thoughts on John.

    Anyone else who's just kind of hanging out reading, but hasn't jumped in to the discussion...why not join us this week!


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