Here are some of my thoughts from John 4:

vs. 2 ~ I love that Jesus is allowing his disciples to do ministry even this early in their spiritual journey.

vs 9 ~ I love that Jesus talks to people who are usually off limits, at least in the eyes of most "religious" people of the day.

vs 34 ~ The thing that kept Jesus going was "to do the will of his Father". Wow!

vs 41 ~ It wasn't just Jesus miracles that made people believe him, it was also his words.

A theme that I'm seeing develop in John: The contrast between water/spirit, flesh/spirit, darkness/light and life/death. Take a look at some of the key things that have taken place in the first 4 chapters of John:

  • Light came into the darkness (Jesus is seen as the light that has entered into our dark world)

  • Water into Wine (something used for religious ceremonies is turned into something more)

  • Jesus interaction with Nicodemus (flesh gives birth to flesh, but spirit gives birth to spirit)

  • John's Baptism vs. Jesus Baptism (John's is from earth, Jesus' is from heaven)

  • Jesus & the Samaritan woman (Water vs. Living Water)

  • Jesus & his disciples (physical food vs. Jesus' food that the disciples did not know about)

  • Jesus heals the boy from Cana (near death vs brought to life)

All of that to say, I think John is clearly making a case that what Jesus brings is superior to anything the world has to offer. I think it also signifies his desire to bring life into things that were dead.

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5 Response to 'John 4 Reflections'

  1. Nate'> 22:37

    What stuck out for me was after the Samaritan woman returned to her village and told all the people about Jesus they had to come and see for themselves. After Jesus stayed with them for two days, they said to the woman, "We're no longer taking this on your say-so. We've heard it for ourselves and know it for sure. He's the Savior of the world."
    Jesus is the one who changes lives and people's perspectives not me. All I can do is invite them and tell my story. Once they have spent time with him, they will no longer need my say-so.


  2. Chris'> 01:14

    I thought it was interesting to notice that Jesus had been talking to the Samaratin woman starting in Verse 7 and then in Verse 25 she makes the comment When the messiah comes he will explain. And Jesus answers back with "I am he". Here she was yacking it up with the savior of the world and she didnt even notice it? It makes me want to look more closley at my own life and see where I might not be noticeing Jesus's presence... Lord I pray you will open my eyes to your presence in my life with a resounding "I AM HE".....


  3. Dale'> 09:54

    Wow, powerful comments!

    Nate, it's always awesome when God uses me to point others to Christ...and even more awesome when you get to see them experience Jesus first hand.

    Chris, great my eyes to see your presence in my life...great stuff.

    Keep it coming!


  4. Scot'> 14:32

    vses 10- 14 really jumped out at me. As I reflect on it now I see it as I never have before. Jesus answers the Samaritan woman, but is speaking to everyone whom will listen: If we could begin to understand how powerful God is, and how much He wants to bless us, but he cannot reward our bad behavior) that God wants to fill us up with His living water- His life w/in us emerging for all the world see. And the world can never satisfy my soul's desire, a void we are all born with as humans- I can search the whole world through, but God is the only one that can or will ever fulfill my soul's deep desire. The more I know God this void becomes smaller, bringing more life through Jesus to me.


  5. Annice'> 08:11

    This is great info to know.


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