BridgeWay is currently in the process of looking for a couple of staff members. Over the past 2 years we have grown to over 200 in weekly attendance, and about 300 people call us their church home. Exciting stuff, but also something that has led to the need to hire staff. By early 2008 we are wanting to bring on staff a part-time Children's Pastor and a full-time Equipping Pastor. As we are interviewing people and talking with potential pastors I've developed 5 key things that I'm looking for in a staff member, whether they are paid or volunteer. This week I'll be writing about each of these areas in more detail.

1. Calling. Before anything else, I want to work with someone who has clearly heard from God that this is the role and the place that God is calling them to serve.

2. Character. I've seen far too many people fail in ministry because they were not caring for their spiritual growth. Character is an area that I will not ignore in locating the right staff.

3. Passion. Does this person have a vision for ministry or are they just riding on someone else's vision for ministry. Do they really love what they are called to do, or are they just looking for a job, paycheck or ministry title.

4. Chemistry. Do we click. Does it seem like we will work well together. Do I get excited that I get to spend 40-50 hours of my week working with this person.

5. Competency. Do they have what it takes to do the job. Do they have the relational, technical and mental capacity to get the job done.

That's it. The 5 things I'm looking for in a staff member. More tomorrow.
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