• First of all...sorry this is a day late, but it was a pretty crazy weekend.
  • I'll try to keep it short.
  • Very strange, but powerful Sunday at BridgeWay this weekend.
  • If you don't know we meet at Tremont High School for worship.
  • This weekend Tremont HS was rocked by a tragic bus accident that involved another vehicle driven by students from Tremont HS.  
  • Two students in the other vehicle lost their lives, with two other passengers severely injured, as well as a dozen or so more minor injuries on the bus.
  • To say the community was in shock this weekend would be an understatement.
  • Knowing that we would be having worship services the day after such a tragedy at the High School was humbling and a heavy responsibility.
  • This was especially true because in this same service we were commissioning our team that is being sent to plant a new church in Fishers, Indiana.
  • So trying to address both the tragedy and the celebration of a new church plant in our services was a challenge, but it was one that I feel that we lived up to...God definitely helped us.
  • It was awesome to see five families from our church who are leaving houses, careers, friends, and extended family to follow God's call to plant Second Chance Church in Fishers, IN!
  • We are seeing some New Testament type stuff at BridgeWay!
  • It was also Matt's last time teaching as a staff member at BridgeWay, and he did a great job!
  • I'll definitely miss getting to work so closely with someone who's become a great friend and ministry partner over the past three years.
  • If you call BridgeWay your church home, or you are a friend or fan of the Robinsons...please come help us celebrate and say goodbye to the Robinsons this Sunday at BridgeWay!
  • At the end of the day...we saw our largest non-Easter attendance Sunday with just shy of 500 people in worship!  
  • Lots of new faces, and lots of God moments in the service.
  • As I said before, God was definitely with us.
  • Today I spent the morning with several area ministers from Tremont and counselors from the area at Tremont HS talking with grieving students and staff...lots of tears...and lots of God moments...a very powerful time.
  • If you think about it would you be praying for the Honan and Estes families who lost children this weekend, the Tremont HS faculty and students...as well as for the Robinsons as they prepare their move...and one last unspoken request...thanks.
  • Praying for you this week church!
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