I had a friend ask me earlier this week for 5 bad reasons for planting a church.  I shot him a quick e-mail reply, but thought why not post a little bit more on my blog.  So here ya go!

Bad Reason #1 - Because It's Cool

God is doing some amazing things in a lot of different church plants today.  It's easy to look at what Steven Furtick, Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, Craig Groeschel, or whoever your flavor of the week is and say, "wow, that's cool...I think I want to be like that!"

Problem is that God didn't call you to be Perry, Steven or Mark...He called you to be you!

I'm reminded of the story where David puts on Saul's armor to try to fight the giant Goliath.  He couldn't go in someone else's armor.  He took it off and fought out of his unique gifting.

My advice...take off the false-self you've put on and live the unique calling that God has for you!

Along those lines...here's a sweet video that makes this point really well.

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