Kicked off a new series called "Modern Family" today...really looking forward to this series.

Loved the band's cover of "Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars...nailed it!

It was great to see so many people who were checking out BridgeWay after attending Party in the Park last Sunday!

We had a slightly below average crowd for the time of year, but Marigold Fest and NFL kickoff weekend usually hit us pretty hard.

Still a really good spirit in worship.

I preached on Shaping the Heart of Your Family today.

I'm convinced the most important role of parents is to shape the heart of our children, not just to manage their behavior.

If we're going to shape our family's heart we have to provide an example and provide coaching to our family.

We should be able to say to our family, "follow me as I follow Christ."

Made a pretty big announcement today at end of the service.

For 5 weeks in October we will be worshipping at Tremont High School.

This is just a 5 week trial to see if it is a good fit...if it works out it would allow us to grow to 800+ in worship and triple our Children's ministry space as well as our lobby space.

We'll be sharing more information over the next couple weeks in response to people's questions about the trial.

There will be three criteria for evaluating the location...does it work for us...can we afford it...and is it mutually beneficial for us and the school.

Be praying for us to make the right call...we know we have to do something to increase our Children's and lobby space in the near future.

Great win by Michigan over Notre Dame on Saturday...hoping we can keep it going...we're ranked 20 after the win!

Ugly win by the Bears today...but we'll take it.

Busy week for our family this week...Steph has surgery on Tuesday and we'd appreciate your prayers...then on Friday and Saturday I'll be helping with a conference called Upgrade...should be good...Kerrick Thomas from The Journey Church in New York will be there for the two days...then I'm meeting with Landon DeCrastos and his team at Fisher's Point Community Church as they prepare to launch next month.

Congrats to a couple of friends who launched new churches/campuses this weekend...Gary Davey at Morning Star in Peoria on their grand opening and Brian Wangler at Ottawa First on the soft launch of their Southside campus.

Looking forward to what God has for me this week!
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