• Seriously one of the best days ever in the life of our church!
  • 36 baptisms (I thought it was 34, but I watched the video back last night...we had 6 people spontaneously decide to get  baptized...pretty awesome)!
  • Looks like we had somewhere between 450-550 people join us for baptisms, with several more joining us for the BBQ and games...likely around 600-650 people were on site at one point in the day!
  • One couple was in town visiting family and made the decision to get baptized on the spot!  They were supposed to be in town a few weeks earlier, but something came up so they came in this weekend...they both told me afterwords, "now we know why we couldn't come earlier...God wanted us here today!"
  • So many amazing stories that I wish I could share them all...needless to say...God is transforming lives big time!
  • So excited to see so many different people going public with their faith...several teenagers/children, but also a ton of adults...I'm especially proud of all the men who were baptized yesterday...so cool to see men coming to faith at BridgeWay!
  • We also dedicated 3 children yesterday....such an important step for families to publicly commit their families to God and seek his direction for their children.
  • The band did a great job helping us all to celebrate with some killer live worship music throughout the baptisms!
  • After worship we celebrated with a BBQ picnic and family festival...a ton of fun!
  • Huge shout out to all of our volunteers and teams who helped to make this day such a success!
  • Facepainting (and we're talking whole nutha' level facepainting) by the ZooLady!
  • Petting Zoo from Furry Friends in Princeton!
  • Balloon animals from The Unique Twist in Peoria!
  • And some great inflatables and games from Fun on the Run in Peoria!
  • It was cool to see all the kids having an absolute blast all day!
  • It was also cool to be able to bless people with a free family event on Labor Day Weekend...I think we'll keep this event on Labor Day...it was absolutely beautiful out today!
  • Did I mention how awesome our volunteer teams were!  You guys make this some much fun and are the heart of our church!
  • Did I also mention that college football was back this past weekend!  
  • Oh yeah and how about Michigan's sophomore quarterback Denard Robinson!  Dang that kid is fun to watch....gonna be at least an interesting season I think in Ann Arbor!  
  • So I have a confession to make...after 8 months with no cable TV...I broke down for football season and we're having it reinstalled today!  We don't really miss cable, but I'm not wanting to miss out on Monday and Thursday Night Football.
  • I'll post more pictures later, but here are some from the baptism!

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