What motivates us?

We have biological drives, but that's all it means to be human.

We also have a reward and punishment drive, but that's not all it means to be human.

We also have a third drive, a drive for significance, this is a powerful part of what it means to be human, and is often overlooked in organizations.

The view inside of organizations is 2 dimensional focused on the first two drives, but largely ignoring the third drive.

Once a task calls for even rudimentary cognitive skills higher levels of compensation actually lowered effectiveness.

If-Then rewards work great for simple tasks, but actually demotivate when the task calls for creativity.

Motivation is not about using bigger carrots and sharper sticks.

One of our problems is that we believe the wrong assumptions about people.
1. Humans are machines, and you can manipulate them as such.
2. Human beings are blobs, and are basically passive and inert.

I believe our essence as human beings is to be active and engaged.

What Does Work
1. Autonomy
2. Mastery
3. Purpose

Management is a technology from the 1850s that some guy invented in order to get compliance.

We don't want compliance, we want engagement.

Human beings engage through self-direction.

Autonomy over: time, team, task, and technique.

Example of a company that gives it's employees 20% of their time to work on whatever project they want.

Google CEO: just about all of our good ideas have bubbled up from 20% time projects.

How to provide scaffolding to help people create:
1. Try a FedEx Day.
2. 20% Time with Training Wheels (10% one afternoon a week)

Mastery and making progress may be the single greatest motivator at work.

The manager/leaders role is to help people see that they are making progress.

We are more likely to feel like we are making progress at work than in our leisure life.

Identifying progress requires feedback...not just annually, but almost daily.

Set personal monthly performance and learning goals, and self-evaluate at the end of the month.

The profit motive is being replaced by the purpose motive.

When the profit motive becomes detached from the purpose motive bad things happen...mediocre things happen.

Simple Purpose Diagnostic Tool
* does your organization/employees/congregation use "we" or "they".

I am convinced that anything good in life begins with a conversation.

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