When Leaders Fall

2005 survey found that 30% of ministry leaders admitted to having had some form of sexually illicit relationships during their ministry.

Approach it with honesty, transparency and compassion.

No matter how you handle it, some people will be offended.

Why Leaders are Susceptible

What Church of the Resurrection Does to Limit Misconduct

1. We have a staff covenant.
2. Two people of opposite gender must find a third person to attend.
3. If it looks like a date and smells like a date we treat it like a date.
4. Lead Pastor addresses this with staff annually.

5 Rs of Resisting Temptation
1. Remember who you are. (husband, daddy, minister)
2. Recognize the consequences of your actions.
3. Rededicate yourself to God.
4. Reveal your struggle to a trusted friend.
5. Remove yourself from the situation.

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