• Great start to our ONE PRAYER series today!
  • You can find out more about ONE PRAYER by checking out the series website.
  •  We'll be doing 4 big things as we partner with around 1,300 churches around the world through ONE PRAYER.
    • Worshiping together: Every week we'll be preaching on the theme "UNSTOPPABLE" based out of Jesus words in Matthew where he says, "I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it."
    • Praying & Fasting together: Every day we'll be praying together (you can get a prayer guide at BridgeWay on Sunday)...also, we'll be praying at 8am on Tuesdays as a church.  We're also challenging people to fast something on Tuesdays throughout June.
    • Serving together: Every week plan on bringing a non-perishable food item to worship with you for every member of your family as well hold a month long food drive for South Side Mission.
    • Giving together: On the last Sunday in June we'll be receiving a special offering to meet real physical needs in the Tri-county area....start praying now about what God would have you to give.
  • Matt did a great job preaching on the theme of UNSTOPPABLE LEGACY this morning.  If you missed it check it out online later this week.
  • Loved the line about not knowing where we end and Jesus begins.  Great stuff!
  • The band did a great job, and it was cool to have Paul Hull leading worship this morning...great job Paul!
  • Loved the great spirit in our 9:30 service today...God was on the move big time!
  • Great to pray with our mission team to West Virginia this morning before they left around 5:30am...had to get up early for that one...and I'm feeling it....be sure to be praying for them this week as they serve some great people in West Virginia.
  • Had a great vacation last week, but it was good to be back with our church family at BridgeWay!
  • I'll be at Rock Church in Germantown Hills next Sunday and their pastor Chuck Tate will be preaching at BridgeWay as we swap congregations for the morning as a part of ONE PRAYER!
  • Love coming together with other churches.
  • Have a great week church...it's gonna be a full one for this guy, but a good one!
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