• Just a fantastic day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!
  • Best weather we've had for Easter in 5 years! 
  • We saw around 20 people give their lives to Christ, and several more respond on connection cards!
  • Definitely our largest crowd for worship ever with between 950 and 1,000 people in worship!
  • Around 1,400 people came out for Operation Egg Drop 3 between worship services...kids everywhere!
  • The East Peoria Event Center was a great place to celebrate Easter!
  • Man I loved having the extra 8,000 sq ft of space in the lobby!  
  • The worship space looked great!
  • Huge shout out to our volunteers today!  You guys killed it!  Parking, Set-up, Guest Services, Children, Egg Drop, and Worship teams were all top notch!  So proud of you and your leaders!
  • I'll post some pics and video later this week.
  • Several cool stories today, but one of my favorite was getting to share Easter dinner with Dave and Cody...last Easter Cody brought his dad Dave to BridgeWay for the first time, and Dave gave his life to Christ. Today Dave was a part of a volunteer team, and then he and Cody came over to our place for Easter lunch/dinner with some other great friends...cool stuff!
  • Hanging out with the family in the basement right now because apparently there's a tornado out here somewhere in our area...oh yeah, Easter, opening day of baseball season and tornadoes...what a day!
  • Don't forget to invite your friends who came with you to Easter to come back next Sunday for worship at the Morton Cinemas at 9:30 and 11am!
  • Have a great week church!
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2 Response to 'Sunday Night Reflections - Easter edition'

  1. Anonymous
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/04/sunday-night-reflections-easter-edition.html?showComment=1270435383021#c2974148147136274760'> 21:43

    God is blessing you and your family, church family, and the crowd there! I'm happy for you man :-) Miss hanging out with you, Steph, and the kids. Tornados huh?? That's what it feels like in Oklahoma ;-) Hang on tight...God's moving in and through you! Happy Easter, Alan, Melissa, and the girls


  2. Dale
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/04/sunday-night-reflections-easter-edition.html?showComment=1270484115515#c387360243947140019'> 11:15

    Alan...great to hear from you bro! Did I hear that you were moving? Hope you had a blessed Easter!


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