In preparation for Easter there's a ton of activity going down at BridgeWay this week:
  • Trailers being loaded.
  • Equipment being purchases.
  • Volunteers being trained.
  • Video being edited.
  • Sermons being written.
  • Music being practiced.
  • Phone calls being made.
  • Invitations being given.
  • Mailing being sent.
But with all that activity, there's one preparation that matters most.  Prayer.

So along with all these preparations, I'm praying.  I'm praying for you.  I'm praying for your family.  I'm praying for your friends.  I'm praying for your children and grandchildren.  I'm praying for your co-workers and your boss.  I'm praying for your neighbors.

So my question to you is..."How can I pray for you?"
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2 Response to 'How Can I Pray for You?'

  1. Anonymous'> 21:10

    I'm 49 years old. Due to an accident to my feet and legs, I have to change my career directions. Going back to college at my age seems to be maybe more than I can do. Please, pray for me to be able to concentrate and memorize the work that is need to complete my degree.
    Thank You,


  2. Dale'> 22:48

    Val - praying that God would strengthen your focus and prepare you for what's next.



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