I first felt like God was calling me to plant a church 10 years ago.  Steph and I were attending a church plant in the Kansas City area, and knew that this was the kind of church we wanted to be a part of in the future.  The question was, would be be able to find a church like this one to pastor, or was God calling us to start a new church ourselves.

If you've ever thought God might be calling you to plant a church, you've probably had the same questions that we faced.  Is this from God or just wishful thinking?  Can we do it?  Should we do it?  What would it take?  What would it look like?  How can we find out if we should?  And a host of other questions.

Now that I'm 5 years into planting BridgeWay, I feel like I might actually have something to offer other potential planters.  So over the next few weeks I'm going to be posting some of my thoughts regarding church planting.

5 Questions for Church Planters Who are Thinking About Planting:

1. Why do I want to plant a new church?
Do I want to plant a church because it's the cool thing to do, or because people don't know Christ?  Do I want to start something new because it's easier than transitioning an established church?  Evaluate your motives before you begin.  If you desire to plant a church for any reason other than to see people who do not know Christ come to faith in Christ...please go do something else.

2. What experiences do I have helping others accomplish the vision God has given them?
Do you have an established history of lifting up the arms of other leaders?  Do you speak highly of other  leaders?  Have you served alongside other leaders, helping them to fulfill their calling?  Before you can expect others to help you, you need to help others.  If you haven't helped someone else, please go find another planter to help before you go plant yourself.

3. What have I already been able to start from the ground up?
In the business they world they call it being entrepreneurialWhat have you done that has required you to pray, create a plan, build a team, and execute from nothing?  What successes have you had on a small scale that lead you to believe that God might bless something larger?  If you haven't built something from the ground up before, please give it a shot before you go plant a church.

4. Do I have the ability to lead teams?
When have you led a team to execute a strategy that you created?  How do you work with people different than you?  Can you work effectively with all kinds of personality types or just people like you?  Do you have a history of empowering other leaders to help you execute a plan?  You'll never succeed as a church planter without building a team.  If you haven't developed the ability to lead teams, and empower them for ministry, please start where you are and build some teams.

5. Have I in the past & am I currently leading others to faith in Christ?  
This is the question I'm most passionate about.  Who in the last year have you personally led to faith in Christ outside of your ministry within the church?  How about in the last 3 years?  Who are you currently building a relationship with that needs to know Christ?  If you're not personally leading people to faith in Christ, please don't start a church until you wrestle with God on this question...God knows we have enough churches that don't lead anyone to Christ already.

So what about you?  What questions would you have for someone who felt like God had called them to plant a church? 
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