10 things I liked about this weekend:

* Christmas Eve Sarajevo! Nuff said. - live it was whole notha' level!

* Getting to preach out of Matthew 1:18-25 (my favorite Christmas passage).

* Sharing with people that they have two options when dealing with people who have disappointed them: dump the bucket of guilt & shame on them, or to baptize them with the bucket of grace & the second chance!

* Hearing a lady who's fairly new to BridgeWay tell me that she has never felt like she belonged anywhere, but that that here she feels like she can be open and not have to hide her brokenness. In her words, "we're the church for misfits"...yup I'd agree. More than that we're the church for people who are tired of playing religious games and are ready to live authentically.

* The great job our greeters did...and the free candy we got at the door!

* The hard work that our band did in preparation for worship...2 practices, personal practice time, service run-through, and 2 services...and it's all volunteer! I'm humbled to service with you guys.

* Having to add a 3rd Christmas eve worship experience. We'll now have services at 4pm, 5:30pm, and 7pm on Christmas Eve. Still a few dozen tickets left for 7pm...email us at the church office if you'd like to put your name on them.

* Seeing so many new faces on a weekend that is usually a down weekend for us. We're usually down about 20% the Sunday before Christmas, but with dozens of regular attenders out of town, we still had about a 5-10% increase in attendance!

* Challenging people to give themselves 1 day in the next 2 weeks to consider their life and where it's headed. Spiritually, Relationally, Physically, Vocationally, Financially...For more on this check out this post.

* The awesome way our congregation (and especially our teenagers) stepped up to generously give to others in need through Advent Conspiracy. Looks like we'll be helping to drill a couple of fresh water wells or cisterns in Hatti in the next year!

1 thing I didn't like this weekend:

* My eye twitch is back! Yuck...seriously this happened last year about this time and drove me nuts for about 3 weeks. My left eye (my bottom eyelid to be exact) is twitching incessantly and it's stinking annoying. - that's it...just one thing I didn't like this weekend.

5 things I'm looking forward to this week:

* Christmas Eve Worship! - if you're gonna be in town don't miss it...4pm, 5:30pm, and 7pm.

* Spending Christmas day with our families in Michigan.

* Spending some time with Steph on Tuesday night!

* Reading the Christmas story to my family this Christmas.

* Have a couple days off to just decompress with my family at the end of the year.

Have a great week! Hope to see you Thursday night...if not...Merry Christmas!

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