Yesterday, I shared several Bible Reading Plans for 2010.  Today, I want to provide you with some of the tools that I find helpful when studying the Bible during my daily study and prayer time.  Tomorrow, I'll share some of the tools I use to take notes and journal during my quiet time.

I typically use only one Bible for my devotional study time but I'd recommend any of the following:

1. The New Living Translation
This is my personal preference for basic reading, especially of the narrative sections of the Bible.  It reads easily, and is especially assessable for people who have very little background in Scripture.  I'd recommend using this translation if you're just starting to read the Bible.

2. The ESV Study Bible
Okay, my purebred Wesleyan peers might have my tail for this one, but the ESV Study Bible has some of the best background notes, and commentary of any study Bible I've used (yes I said commentary...I know it's heavy on the reformed theology, but it's more balanced than you might have to read it for yourself...okay enough of that rant).   My favorite translation for study as it is the most readable accurate word for word translation that I've found. I really think that you would benefit from having this resource available to you in 2010.  And if you've got a Kindle you can download the Kindle version on Amazon for less than $10.

I have downloaded the Blackberry Bible App from so that I've always got my Bible with me.  If you have a Blackberry or an iPhone this is a must have application & it's free!  On days when I miss my morning quiet time, it's great to be able to catch up on my reading for the day by using this great little app.

I'm not a big fan of having a dozen commentaries or other books on hand when I'm reading devotionally...just me, God, and one of the above translations.

So those are my tools.  What version do you prefer for your reading?  Are you intentional? Or is it just whatever Bible you find handy?
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5 Response to 'Bible Reading Plan Tools - Bibles'

  1. Samuelson Road Nazarene'> 10:40

    Dale, I got a Kindle for Christmas and have been looking at the Bibles for them. Seems the biggest complaint is the lack of being able to find a particular verse quickly. Some seem set up better than others. I saw the ESV note on this blog and made me wonder if you have recommendations as to others that are Kindle friendly. Brian


  2. Lucas Houk'> 10:43

    YouVersion rocks! I read through the Robert Roberts plan on the iphone last year, and with the reading plan update and tracker, i am looking forward to m'Cheyne starting the day after tomorrow. I am a believer in that little app.


  3. Anonymous'> 12:01

    Hey Dale, I use two -'s tools at where I can login to my own notes, highlights, flags, preference translations (I too like ESV). And I use because they have other things like devotionals and reading plans that I like to go through. Some good indepth bible studies too for studying specific passages like -


  4. Dale'> 12:08

    Brian - I love the Kindle, but have not found a good Bible that is easy to navigate to the specific verse. That being said. The ESV Study Bible is a nearly $100 Bible that you can buy the Kindle version for $10...and I can navigate it pretty quickly.

    Lucas - Thanks for dropping in...good to hear from you. I love the new updated reading plans on YouVersion this year...looks like good stuff.

    Thanks for the other online resources too!


  5. Nathan Sara'> 08:19

    Thanks for these links, Dale. I'm giving the message Sunday on how to read the Bible (the Wes Tracy Reflecting God plan) and I'll pass on some of these. I like Message and NIV for narrative, NRSV and NET for devotional and study. NET has extensive translator notes, much of which is over my head, though they have been useful to me. It's available free online as well as downloadable in most formats for free. Kindle version w/out notes is free and with the notes is $5.


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