As I'm getting ready to start a new year, one of the primary questions I ask myself is: "How am I going to connect with God this year?"

One thing I've learned after 14 years of following Jesus is that the best way to hear from God is by having a clear plan and strategy for meeting with God daily through: Scripture, Meditation, Prayer, and Journaling.

This past year I chose to read through books of the Bible, one at a time, not necessarily in order.  I just finished reading through the New Testament in 90 days as a part of our B90X challenge at BridgeWay (adapted from Steven Furtick's challenge to his staff).  What a great experience!

As you're thinking about how you're going to connect with God this next year I'd like to offer a few potential reading plans and then tomorrow I'll share a few tools I use during my quite time each day.

Bible Reading Plans

1. Bible Gateway's Reading Plans

Bible Gateway is an online Bible site which provides dozens of translations as well as some solid Bible Reading Plans.  If you like to read online, versus with Bible in hand this site is a great option.

2. ESV Bible Reading Plan

The ESV Study Bible website has a great listing of Bible Reading Plans.  Not only is the listing good, but the tools available there are extremely good.  One thing I love about their plans is the option to subscribe to an RSS feed that will drop your daily reading into your RSS Reader!

3. Book of Common Prayer Plan

While less familiar to some, the Book of Common Prayer is a great tool for Bible reading.  The Book of Common Prayer give you daily reading from the Psalms, an OT reading, a NT reading and a Gospel reading. For several years this was the plan I followed, and am considering using it again this year, as I've not used it for a few years.

4. Bible Reading Plans is an online Bible library/reader that has been developed by  They have several reading plans available on their website.  My favorite thing about is the mobile Bible readers they offer for the iPhone and Blackberry...more on those tomorrow!

I'd love to hear what you are going to be doing this year.

So what's your plan for connecting with God this year?
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5 Response to '2010 Bible Reading Plans'

  1. Pastor Karin'> 09:43

    Funny...did you steal my sermon from Sunday? I included in the resources for our congregation and set up a new blog for us to share our daily readings. Me personally: the chronological approach this year. I've never read the Bible via timeline, so I'm really pumped to see things from that perspective. You never shared your approach for 2010.


  2. Dale'> 13:13

    Karin - you got me ;)

    Seriously, I'm thinking about either using the BofCP or going chronological.


  3. Kristie'> 12:08

    Pastor Karin - you can find a good chronological reading plan here too - . I think this site is in the process of setting up communities where churches and groups can read through plans together and share. Should be interesting!


  4. Dale'> 12:09

    Kristie - thanks for the resource!


  5. Kristie'> 12:38

    no problem - thought you'd enjoy some other options out there to compare pros and cons of all. Sounds like you've got some neat resources lined up for your church and outreach. Keep up the great work!


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