Watched Avatar this afternoon. Here's my quick hit review:

* Firstly, I loved this movie.

* Great synchronicity between the medium & and the story.

* The CGI was unmatched. The world of Pandora was beyond gorgeous. I'd watch it again just for the stunningly bold visuals.

* The story contained too many storylines: big budget military sci-fi, save the planet eco-riff, and intra-species love story. But even with that, the story didn't bog down like some have suggested.

* I would add one word of caution...this film is PG-13...just remember that.

* I loved this film and will definitely watch it again.

So have you seen it? Will you? What were your thoughts?
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3 Response to 'Avatar Review'

  1. Anonymous'> 06:52

    Dear Author !
    It agree, this remarkable opinion


  2. cmustain'> 00:43

    I saw this in 3d with my dad and the story left me wanting more. The writing seemed hollow. Visually, it was stunning and is an achievement that will not be appreciated on the small screen. Was hoping for more.


  3. Dale'> 21:16

    Yeah, I'm hoping to watch it again on the big screen in 3D. Definitely not strong on the story side of things, but visually it was beyond anything seen before.


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