I'm convinced the best place to experience spiritual growth is in a LifeGroup. LifeGroups are a great place to take your next step in upgrading your faith.

Ever have a piece of software or a product that you enjoy using, but would love to see updated or upgraded? I mean it makes your life easier, but doesn't quite do everything you'd like for it to do. In the words of Beyonce, "you need an upgrade". Yes I just referenced Beyonce in a blog post (it's those stinking commercials).

I think this isn't just true of electronics and technical stuff, but it's true of our spiritual development. We enjoy our faith, but there are some areas for improvement. There are character issues (bugs) that we'd like to see eliminated. There are questions that we'd like to see answered. There are struggles we're facing that require a totally new operating system (right thinking).

I've discovered that going to church encourages me in the faith, but that it simply is not enough by itself. I need something else if I'm going to really grow in my faith journey.

The place that we see that happen over and over again at BridgeWay is in Life Groups. LifeGroups provide a place for you to find friendship with other people. They are a place for you to discover your next steps spiritually. And they are a place for you to connect with people who will support and pray for you as you do life together.

So if you're looking to upgrade to a new YOU version 2.0 join a life group this fall.

Sign ups continue through the end of September. You can check out the whole list of LifeGroup options here. Just email the office and let us know which group you'd like to join!
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