• Wow, what a big day in the life of our church!
  • We have no officially multiplied ourselves!
  • Very few churches ever reach this stage of maturity...very excited to see it happen in just under 5 years!
  • Everything I've heard from Pekin was that things there were great!
  • I talked with Matt after the worship experience and heard that 21 people responded to the message by giving their lives to Christ! With over 20 more responding in other ways to the message.
  • Yup...video works!
  • I'm convinced that to reach people no one is reaching, you have to do what no one is doing!
  • No final number yet, but it looks like we had over 500 people in worship between Morton & Pekin this morning...unreal! All glory to God on this one!
  • I'm humbled to lead a church full of such great volunteer and staff leaders! You make what I get to do a ton of fun! Thanks for letting God work through you!
  • Between set-up, tear-down, children's ministry, greeters, cafe, technology, and worship ministries we had over 130 people volunteering in some capacity today!
  • Had some great conversations with several guests to BridgeWay after both worship experiences in Morton today! Keep inviting your friends...love seeing people get connected to the body of Christ!
  • Gave ride to Peoria to a guy named Ricky after worship today...bought him some lunch and some personal hygiene items...and made sure he could get where he was going from there...great test of the message I taught today.
  • Spent the afternoon with a bunch of BridgeWay peeps over at the Borth's house for a opening day football party...fun stuff! Can't wait for the Bears game tonight!
  • Pumped to see U of M knock off Notre Dame yesterday! We're now in the top 25 baby! Go BLUE!
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