* Today was the final week in our "Fearless" series.
* Preached about Perspective today.
* Getting the right perspective on your problems changes everything.
* Lots of positive feedback from this series, but I'm really getting pumped up for our next series that kicks off next Sunday called "Becoming".
* We're all in the process of "Becoming"....I'm really fired up to preach this series!
* The worship team for our Pekin campus led worship today...really getting excited for our launch on September 13th.
* Lorie Robbins was playing and singing for the first time at BridgeWay today and did a great job!
* If you get a chance you'll have to check out the video from today's message on our new website when it officially launches in a couple weeks. I said something that had the whole place rolling...but you'll have to check it out for yourself.
* Had a ton of 1st time guests in both services today...several of them friends of Kevin Grose's...love that guy!
* It was strangely quiet at our house this weekend with our youngest two girls in Michigan with their grandparents and Helena out of town with a friend....it was very nice. Love our girls, but it was nice to have some down time with Steph too!
* Looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday for "Becoming"!
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