* Great morning at BridgeWay today...I'm really loving this Fearless series. Talked about keeping your focus when fighting the giants in our lives.
* Great quote from Craig Groeschel "The quickest way to forget what God thinks about you is to obsess with what other people think about you."
* Question: are you swatting gnats or fighting giants?
* The band flat killed it today...especially Ryan...that dude just keeps getting better every week!
* Some great new songs today: We Stand and Look to You are both great songs.
* There are some great things happening in our faith community here at BridgeWay...sending a team to Guatemala in 2 weeks, people accepting Christ weekly, and launching a new campus in Pekin in just a little over 1 month!
* We're staring to get the whole video thing down and I'm pretty excited that we'll have video messages on our new website in the next month...by the way the new site is looking great...thank to Ryan Decker.
* Had a great time playing soccer with the girls in the backyard after church.
* Then drove down to the Heritage Lake beach to meet up with Mike & Anthony Lyons and several of their family and friends from BridgeWay for their baptism!
* Mike and Anthony have only been at BridgeWay for a short time and are preparing to leave with our team to Guatemala. They have both recently committed their lives to Christ and wanted to be baptized be leaving...it was a great time.
* It was also really cool to see so many people from BridgeWay there to celebrate with them...many of them are a part of our Celebrate Recovery team...great group of people!
* Finished the night with some last minute shopping for teen camp tomorrow...I'll be leading the sports recreation track in the afternoons...should be a blast!
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