Tonight we attended the Saturday night worship service at General Assembly in Orlando. Dr. James Diehl preached a powerful message on Jesus the Healer. He shared about his own healing from cancer several years ago, and about his son's death from cancer exactly 1 year ago this week. It was the most powerful and balanced message on healing I've ever heard. At the close of the service there were so many people coming forward for healing that Dr. Diehl had to call for 100 more ministers to come forward to assist with the prayer time!

As great as Dr. Diehl's message was, the most significant moment of the night for me came from my youngest daughter Mia.

As we sat listening to Dr. Diehl, Mia was sitting on my lap. Towards the end of the message, Mia looks up at me and says, "Dad, we prayed for God to take away my nightmares."

You see about 2 months ago Mia was having nightmares every night. This had gone on for several weeks and was causing her so much fear that she would refuse to go to bed at night. So we gathered as a family and prayed for God to take away her nightmares. From that day on she has slept peacefully without a single bad dream.

As I reflected on the significance of my 4 year old realizing that God heals us, I was moved at how God had helped her to make the connection between the message, her life and God's activity.

So I asked Mia, "Did God take away your bad dreams?"

She replied, "Yup, He did...God hears us when we pray...right dad!"

Yes he does, Mia...yes he does!
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  1. Anonymous'> 14:57

    That is AWESOME!!!


  2. John Roper'> 16:32

    Excellent illustration! Thanks for sharing such an encouraging story from your family life.


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