Acts 18:17 "Then they (the Jews) all turned on Sostheness the synagogue ruler and beat him in front of the court. But Gallio showed no concern whatever."

Legalism eventually turns on itself and devours its leadership. The Jews were attacking Paul because of his teaching of Jesus and of ways to worship God that didn't fit into their rules and regulations. After realizing that their attacks on Paul were not going to work, they turned on their leaders, actually beating them in public. Legalism is a violent approach to faith. It is more concerned with defending a system than it is with knowing and worshiping God. Too often the church has become legalistic, trying to attack people who don't fit into their understanding of how God works. Then when they can't discredit their opposition, they actually begin to fight among themselves.

Too often the church has been more concerned about fighting with its leaders than it is with sharing the message of Jesus with others.

Question: What do I spend more time doing...sharing Christ with others or fighting with others?
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