* Two pretty big deals happened today at BridgeWay!
* We had our first ever Blessing of the Bikes event...with 20 motorcycles at our first event.
* We saw 6 people give their lives to Jesus Christ today!
* Thanks to Gina & her team for putting everything together for Blessing of the Bikes today...great job!
* Because of Blessing of the Bikes we had our biggest non-Easter/Baptism crowd ever with around 380 in worship...the 11am worship experience was packed...we had people sitting in the second row...you know it's packed when people sit in the second row, because the stage sits on the first row.
* I was pretty fired up to preach today.
* There was a very obvious tension in the room during the 9:30 worship experience...the last 3 minutes of the sermon were incredibly tense...something was going on that I couldn't explain...you can listen here.
* The band was strong today...a special shout out to Justin Robbins for filling in on bass today...sounded great!
* Still loving the song Salvation is Here.
* Also loving Rhonda singing Revelation Song...still not diggin' the "rainbows" line.
* Thanks Rhonda for the Triple Grande Mocha you brought me today! You're awesome!
* I really am enjoying our God at the Movies series...very fun series to do.
* If we have a similar crowd next week...we'll need some people to move to 9:30...please try worshiping with us at 9:30 if you can...we'll have you home by 11:00! I promise...unless you live in Bloomington or some other far out place like Lexington, IL (met a family from there today at BridgeWay....wow...thanks for driving into Morton for worship)!
* Missed Matt today, but Nate did a great job filling in for him.
* Matt and 3 others from BridgeWay were in Tulsa, OK training to launch Celebrate Recovery later this month! Great team that God is putting together there!
* If you're interested in Celebrate Recovery or our Saturday Night Worship Experience...don't miss Leadership Community this Saturday, May 2nd at 10am in the Ministry Center!
* Had a chance to be a part of a Pastoral Installation Service at Peoria First Nazarene this afternoon after worship.
* Jim Book is going to do a fantasic job pastoring Peoria First! Welcome back to the Pekin/Peoria Zone!
* Our first softball game should be tonight at 7pm in Pekin...getting ready to play after getting rained out last week.
* I'm also pretty pumped to be going to Chicago to help do some coaching at New Church University this week! I love meeting new church planters and helping them on their journey.
* Looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday!
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