• Kicked off a new series this morning called "Mythbusters".
  • Going to be a fun series...I really had fun working on the video for this week with Matt & Nate...the rest of the series should be entertaining.
  • I'll try to post the Mythbusters video from today on my blog later today or tomorrow.
  • Had several conversations today with people who are going through some really tough stuff and are feeling like they have more than they can handle...today's service was perfect for people who feel like that.
  • Matt did a great job setting up the series and preaching on the myth that, "God will not give you more than you can handle".
  • Matt was really communicating well in the 11am worship experience and had some funny one liners.
  • I got to help with set up this morning since I didn't have to preach.
  • I also enjoyed getting to talk with more people before, after and between worship experiences...I miss preaching when I'm not doing it, but enjoy the different perspective it gives me, and I love seeing other leaders in our church developing their teaching ability.
  • The band was great today, and the last song "You Never Let Go" was simply amazing at both 9:30 and 11:00...wow...great close to a great morning.
  • I heard that we had a full house in our children's areas...thinking about volunteering? Consider volunteering in one of our children's ministry venues.
  • Getting excited for two pretty big events this week at BridgeWay: 1. Pekin Campus Launch Team Meeting on Wednesday night at 7pm 2. Leadership Community on Saturday at 10am for all of our leaders & volunteers.
  • We have about 30 adults committed to our Pekin Launch Team, and are praying for another 20 to join between now and July.
  • If you are volunteer leader at BridgeWay I hope to see you on Saturday at Leadership Community...two pretty big things in the works for the month of April...one about our Easter plans, and the other about the week after Easter...don't miss it!
  • Getting ready to hang out with my family for the rest of the night after worship this morning, a visitation after church, and installing a dishwasher this afternoon.
  • Have a great week!
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