• Finished up our series Identity Theft with a message for the men out of 2nd Timothy 4:6-8 on the topic of Legacy.
  • I preached my heart out today...probably the hardest I've preached for several months...I am beyond passionate about this topic.
  • Some of my favorite lines from today:
  • What's sexy about a nacho covered corn chip...you'd have to have been there.
  • Don't be afraid of your life coming to an end, fear your life never having a beginning. - John Henry Newman.
  • Men, you will either be a Warrior or a Mercenary. Warriors fight for a cause, a mission, a people. Mercenaries fight for no one but themselves.
  • The favorite line of a Mercenary, "I just want to be happy"...makes me sick.
  • For a lot of men they rationalize that it's easier to turn on the the computer than it is their wife.
  • Your wife might be cold as ice, but it's your job to warm her up.
  • You need to turn off the computer, put on some pants, and go do something for Jesus.
  • Your life only has two potential outcomes: Shipwreck or Safety.
  • There's no participants section in heaven.
  • Okay, enough of that...I think it's enough to say...I was fired up today.
  • My apologies to Connie Borth for preaching so stinking long...I timed it out at 41 minutes...yeah that's too long...mad respect for all of our children's volunteers today for letting me go over a little bit.
  • The band was off the charts today as well.
  • We did a Emerson Drive song called "Good Man" today...people seemed to like it...only the second time we've ever done a country song...Steve nailed it and its true that we might do more in the future.
  • The band also did a great job with the Casting Crowns tune "Slow Fade"...it really worked great in the service.
  • Chris Borth did a great job with the background for Slow Fade...loved the motion background for that song.
  • Matt did a really great job with the promo for our next series "Mythbusters" which starts next Sunday...going to be a great series...don't miss it.
  • Our invite cards for the series got held up because of the holiday Monday, so we'll have them for you next Sunday.
  • Had another great crowd today in both services...right around 350 again...yikes and we're not even to Easter yet.
  • Speaking of Easter...our Easter plans are going to be off the charts...we're shooting to have room for between 900-1,000 people to join us for Easter this year!
  • Sitting watching the Celtics play the Suns...they're struggling a little bit over the last couple games...hope they can toughen up a bit or else the Lakers will be a real challenge in the finals.
  • Spent Saturday at a volleyball tournament for Helena in Pekin...her team one again...2 more regular season games and then Regionals a week from Tuesday night! I think we've got another team that could compete for the State Championship again.
  • Had another good group for the All About BridgeWay Lunch today...love getting to meet all the new people that are connecting at BridgeWay.
  • After a pretty crazy last month...I'm excited for a week that looks to be a little more normal!
  • Can't wait to see you all again next Sunday.
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