One of the things that I think we do pretty well at BridgeWay is helping people get connected to the church quickly. The last two days I've posted some of the questions that we ask ourselves and some snapshots of what we do to follow up with guests. Here's the third question we ask:

3. Do we have a follow up plan?

Once we have our guests’ information, what do we do with it? Do we use a contact management system: Excel, Access, Church Windows, Etc? Do we send a thank you letter or note? Is it a generic form letter or hand written note? How quickly do we get the thank you mailed? Do we send a gift with it? For example, the Pastor who taught that Sunday might write a hand written note to every guest on Monday, and include a $5 gas card encouraging guests to use it to take their next trip back to their church. They might also e-mail a thank you message with a link to a brief online survey about their experience.

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