• Just a few quick hit thoughts today.
  • This morning we had our highest non-Easter, non-outreach worship attendance ever!
  • In the middle of a series on Finances...people are inviting their friends and family to come and see what is happening at BridgeWay...love it!
  • The actual attendance was 339.
  • We were at about 90% capacity in our 11am worship experience...please if you can, try out the 9:30 worship experience...the message is fresher, you get first dibs on pastry at the BridgeCafe, and the restrooms are freshly cleaned...not sure what the other benefits are, but give it a shot!
  • We need to free up some seats for guests at 11...we know they are more likely to come at 11am than any other time.
  • Okay, now on to the rest of my thoughts.
  • The band was great today as usual.
  • Brit sang a version of David Crowder's "Rescue is Coming" today that was powerful.
  • From the moment the first note hit at 11am you could tell that service was going to be off the charts.
  • I felt like I preached better at 9:30 though.
  • I'm finding it a challenge to remember sometimes, what I said at 9:30, and occasionally wondering if I've said something yet when I'm preaching for the second time....gonna have to talk to some people to see how they deal with that.
  • I have really enjoyed preaching this series on finances...probably one of my favorite topics to speak on...I definitely get fired up about helping people get out of debt and live generously.
  • I think a lot of people really had their eyes opened up regarding how much time margin they could have for doing good, and just how valuable doing good is to them as well as others.
  • Just watched McNabb get creamed by Adrian Wison...I sure hope the Cards hold on and win this game...mad respect for Kurt Warner. (okay that was random, but I'm doing this while watching the NFC Championship Game)
  • Anyone see that flea flicker earlier by Warner...very cool play.
  • Okay, back to church stuff.
  • If you are reading this would you pray for my friend David Potts? He is one of the pastors at my home church in Michigan and has had a great impact on my family. He fell off his roof yesterday and is in the hospital with bleeding on the brain and is in serious condition. Thank you!
  • I'll be posting several items this week regarding resources for managing finances, and other related items, be sure to check back this week.
  • I'm not sure how we're going to manage the growth we are experiencing without adding another worship experience or moving to another location...be praying about the right next step for us to take!
  • Getting pretty excited for our next series "Idenity Theft...a series for Men & Women"...I'll be teaching on reclaiming our identity from the culture as men and women...a great series to invite your friends and family to experience. Also, if you have teenagers get them to this series!
  • Speaking of teenagers...got an awesome call from a great young teenager at our church this afternoon...they wanted to commit their lives to Christ...awesome! Congratulations, and keep seeking to honor God and live for him!
  • Heading out in a little bit to the Tri-County Holiness Celebration tonight at Pekin First Church of the Nazarene...Dan Boone is preaching, and I wouldn't miss him teaching for a lousy football game!
  • Can't wait to see you all again next Sunday!
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