• Another snowy morning at BridgeWay! Seriously, does it only get icy and snowy between Saturday and Sunday morning? Still had a great crowd at both worship experiences today.
  • Great second week for our series "How to Be Rich". I only wish I was good enough to have come up with the theme for this series, but Andy Stanley did an amazing job conceptualizing this series, and we're really benefiting from it.
  • Some serious tension in the room this morning when I asked the following question: Which statement worries you more? A) There is no God. OR B) There is no money in the bank. All I can say is: Dang I'm busted...how about you?
  • Several first time guests from last week were back this week and even came to the All About BridgeWay Lunch to find out more about the church. Gotta love connecting with new people when you're doing a series on money!
  • The band was amazing today...the song "Solid Rock" by Delirious was whole notha' level! Top 3 all time favorite songs in my book.
  • Love what the band did with Steve Fee's song "Glory to God"...great little song.
  • One of the best All About BridgeWay Lunch's ever today. We had 5 new families come to the lunch, and some great stories...I love meeting new people!
  • Missed Matt & Brooke Robinson this morning at BridgeWay! They had their first child Wednesday of this past week: Warrick Alan Robinson (very cute kid)! You guys make cute babies!
  • Also missed Chris Borth who was out with a sick child...Eric Decker did a great job filling in both services.
  • Also missed Mack and Shirley Clark who were out of town in Arkansas for Mack's brother's funeral...Shirley carries a heavy load for us on Sundays and she was definitely missed, but Glenna did a great job filling in for her.
  • How about this NFL season! Since the Bears our out of it, I'm cheering for the Cardinals...Kurt Warner is a stud...and a really good guy!
  • Getting pumped up for the return of 24 tonight! I secretly want to grow up to be Jack Bauer.
  • Will probably DVR 24 and watch Extreme Home Makeover with Steph...tonight is the show they did in Pekin.
  • Can't wait to see you all next week.
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